Travel with a newborn baby

First of all a disclaimer. We don’t know anything about baby’s. We are not parents. With this post we only want to share with you the story of a couple traveling with a newborn baby that we met in Sweden.

We went to Abisko, a city in the north of Sweden, to do some trails in their famous nature park (if you are curious about the national park you can check our post here).

We were staying in a hostel and as they had a shared kitchen we decided to buy some food on the supermarket and prepare our dinner.

During the preparation of the meal a men entered the kitchen with a small baby. He was tall, dark haired and the baby seemed to be only 2-3 months old, still with rosy cheeks and sleeping in a blanket in his chest.

He started staring at everything in the kitchen as if he was looking for something. I decided to ask him if he needed help. He answered me that he was only checking if the kitchen had everything they needed.

He had a tanned skin like us so I was curious about where he was from. So we started chatting:

He told us that he was born in Italy but currently is living in Germany with his wife. As I said before we were in Abisko, that is in the north of Sweden, and a little distance of Germany (more than 1000 kms).

So, I asked him how did they get there with the baby. Then he told their story.

In Germany the parental allowance is around two-thirds of the previous income and is paid until the baby has twelve months.

They saw there a good opportunity to use that time and money to travel with the baby. First they went to Italy to show the baby to his family, then they came back to Germany and decided to travel by car north, for the Scandinavian countries – Denmark first, Sweden now and after Abisko they were planning to go to the Lofoten islands in Norway. They choose the Scandinavian countries for their safety and because they are known to have good social support if the baby needs assistance.

He also told us that traveling by car gave them a lot of  freedom when traveling with a baby and that whenever possible they were staying in comfortable places that allowed them to feel like at home.

He concluded saying that they were lucky to have a calm baby and without health issues that allowed them to travel stress free.

And a light bulb just clicked into our brains – thats actually a great idea! At home, we are used to see parents staying with their babies at home for 3-4 months… And they seemed quite responsible and calm parents. And they where happy! (contrary to most of the parents of young babies we knew before). And the baby was also one of the calmest newborns we have ever seen.

They were even planning to do a hike of 14 km next day!!! With the baby of course… Well, he does sleep for 18 hours in a row – he replied when he saw our scared faces…

With 3 months that baby was already in more countries than several adults… sadly he will only remember it by looking on photos.

Maybe, it’s not possible to travel like that with all newborns, but let me confess my admiration for that couple. They didn’t saw a newborn baby as a prison, but instead as a opportunity to enjoy traveling as a family and enjoy their son to the fullest while doing what they loved – traveling.

They taught us that a little baby is not a shackle – that why we wanted to share this story, for all of the parents out there, to make you realise that it is possible to fulfil your dreams, even with a baby.

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