Our 5 top Apps to travel totally free and offline

While we are roaming the world, we use this travel apps daily to help us, even offline. We wanted to share them with you!


When traveling, at some point you will be lost or will need some directions. For instance to find your hotel! So, having an offline navigational map is a good idea for any traveler.

MAPS.ME (formerly named MapsWithMe) is a mobile app for Android and iOS that provides offline maps. It’s fast, very simple to use and you can easily mark favorite spots in the app.

2 – Google Trips

Google Trips it’s a free app that compiles all your personal travel info (tickets, reservations…) and combines that with top spots to see where you’re going.

It’s all wrapped in an easy-to-navigate interface and all the info is available when you’re offline (presuming you downloaded it ahead of time).

3 – XE Currency

XE Calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates. It has lots of business-oriented features, such as rates for precious metals and historic currency charts, but for the traveler it is most useful for the simple fact that it’s able to convert every world currency. It also functions offline by saving the last updated rates.

4 – Google Translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video from one language into another. Google Translate supports over 100 languages. Don’t forget to download the language first to use it offline.

5 – Weather Underground

We also recommend you to have an app with rain forecast per hour and temperature information during the day.

Our choice is the Weather Underground because of the forecast precision, it’s simple to use and for Android they also have a widget with the max and min temperature and the probability of precipitation.

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