So for our third day in Paris we started in Bastille and went all the way to the bank of the Seine and crossed the river to see the amazing night life of the 6th arrondissement!

Check out our route:

We left the house at about 12 PM, and we went by subway to the Bastille square, since we wanted to have for lunch one of the amazing Falafel we heard about in the Jewish Quarter.

So we started in Bastille square with the July Column (which commemorates the events of July Revolution) and saw the beautiful Bastille Opera from the outside.

Then we followed to Place des Vosgues, an amazing garden square with fountains a lot of Parisians sunbathing. The house of Victor Hugo is there, but because we already hungry, we decided to go for the falafel and then go back to the square.

The Jewish quarter in Paris is a very peculiar area of paris, very famous for its Rue de Rosiers and its Falafel. While you pass by you see synagogues and old jewish shops and antiques. We went straight to the most famous falafel shop – l’as du falafel. It was full, of course, but the service was quick. We decided for the take away and went back to place des vosges to enjoy our lunch in that amazing garden. I know the image does not make it justice, but it was for sure it was the best falafel we ever ate!

After relaxing for a little bit, we went to Victor Hugo house (you can visit it for free), an apartment in which Victor Hugo, the famous novelist,  lived from 1832 to 1848. Unfortunately the Musee Carnavalet (who was also free) was closed to repairs.

Then, exploring the Marais – the Marais is an area around the 3rd and 4th arrondissement of Paris, on the right side of the Seine, that was an ancient site of merchants – today it represents a maze of boutique shops, historic buildings, antique shops, libraries, restaurants and cafés that is an amazing place to get lost in! We just strolled around until we got tired and went to relax by George Pompidou center.

Georges Pompidou center is a culture center that includes a public library, the museum of modern art and a center for music and acoustical research. It has in its front an iconic staircase and a amazing design. At its front you can relax in its square, where there are usually street music and vendors. If you follow to its side, you will find Fountain Stravinsky and the church of saint Merri, both good places to rest.

Then we followed to Saint Jacques tower (you can climb it for 10 euros and see views of the city on top, but at the time we got there at 6 PM was already closed) and then went to the banks of the river Seine.

At the banks of the river, because it was summer, there were all sort of events happening – cafés in the banks, dancing lessons, art exhibitions, water fountains… So we just strolled around. We followed the river until Pont des Arts, were we crossed over. Then we followed the river back again with the view of the Ile de la Cité until we arrived at Fountain Saint Michel where we met our host.

We went to Place of Contrescarpe passing trough the Pantheon from outside, and to Rue de Moufettard to try one of the famous crepes of Au P’tit Grec. This area is known as the Latin Quarter, it is least known to tourists (we practically only saw Parisians) and it has a lively atmosphere with several bistros and restaurants.

After the crepes (they were amazing, but I got so full I only ate half of mine) we went to explore this area by night!

We first went trough the narrow streets of Cour du Commerce Saint-André, little cobbled street that is known to have the most ancient café of Paris – Le Procope – and a lively restaurant scene; then to Rue Saint André des Arts and Rue de Buci, where we found some amazing bars.

They all looked good, so we just sat in one for a nice french wine and just saw life go by…

The life of this area is amazing, we really recommend you to go there if you come to Paris!

So in total we walked about 15 Km (yes, we got really lost in the Marais…), ate one amazing falafel and crepe and met the real Paris by night! We loved it. And surely it gave us a different view of this amazing city.