One afternoon in Helsinki!

Hello again!
Only one afternoon? For an entire city?
Yeah, we thought so too, but Helsinki is so compact that you can actually see the main attractions in a few hours!
If you are doing a day tour from Tallinn to Helsinki this is the perfect itinerary for you, since we start the tour at the West ferry terminal. If you are already in Helsinki, you can start at the Market Square.
So enjoy our custom built itinerary for an afternoon in beautiful Helsinki!

So whats the best way to get around the city?

By bicycle!

The walking distance is too big between some of the main attractions! And you can easily rent a public bike in the HSL website. Set up an account and for 5 euros a day and you can easily enjoy the city.

Note of advice: you can only ride for 30 minutes, or else you will have additional charges! But if you follow our itinerary, you will not have a problem with that.

They give you a code that you input in the bicycle and you are ready to go!

Bad bad boy statue Helsinki

Bad bad boy Statue


Start the itinerary in the West harbor, near the Eckero Line Terminal (you can also start in the Market Square) and follow the coast.

One your way you will find the 8.5 meters tall Bad Bad Boy Statue. Its a urinating statue in the waterfront harbor! It was part of the Mutatis Mutandis exhibition of the work of artist Tommi Toija produced by Amos Anderson Art Museum and now it stands proudly near the city harbor.

From there you will see the waterfront of the city until you get to Havis Amanda Fountain and the Market Square.

Here you can buy some souvenirs and have lunch! Try reindeer or moose meat!

Leave your bike here, you can get another one later, I will tell you where.

Market Square Helsinki

Market Square

If you have more time…

  • From here you can catch the ferry to Suomenlinna Fortress. It will take you about 15-20 minutes to get there. You will need about an hour to walk around the fortress.

From the Market Square, walk until Allas Sea Pool. There you have public saunas, an open sea pool, and the SkyWheel Helsinki.

Here you will probably already see the Uspenskin Cathedral.

Uspenskin Cathedral

Uspenskin Cathedral Helsinki

Uspenskin Cathedral

This eye-catching red-brick Orthodox Church stands on Katajanokka island. Built in 1868, it features classic onion-topped domes and inside (free entry) you will see panels depicting the Last Supper and the Ascension.

From there cross the bridge and relax in the gardens of the Finish House of Nobility.

Continue walking west and you will see one of the most iconic images of Helsinki – the Helsinki Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko).

Tuomiokirkko – Helsinki Cathedral 

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral

The chalk-white neoclassical Lutheran cathedral presides over Senaatintori (the beautiful Senate Square in front of it).

Get ready for going up the huge flight of stairs and go in (also free) to check out the beautiful altar paintings.

Catch some breath and relax in the Senate Square, but do not miss the Helsinki City Museum! It stands in blue-grey Sederholm House, built in 1757, the oldest house in Helsinki.

The entry is free! And you have access to the Children’s Town, the Time Machine of the history of the city and some temporary exhibitions (when we were there was an exhibition about sexuality – Helsexinki).

Helsinki City Museum

Helsinki City Museum

From here you can visit the Tori Quarters, a revitalized area of the old city, to check out the shops and artisans.

Now, get another bike in the Senate Square and cross the city to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The aesthetics of this new museum are amazing and the gardens outside are a good place to have some rest. Its one of the highest gallery entry fees in Helsinki so unless you’re an avid fan of art, just enjoy the exterior…

Helsinki Cathedral

Museum of Contemporary Art

  • If you are getting late change the itinerary and hurry up to see the Rock Church since it closes at 5 PM!

Temppeliaukion Church – the Rock Church

The Rock Church Helsinki

Temppeliaukion Church

Next stop! The Rock Church –  Temppeliaukio. This is a Lutheran church excavated in the rock by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in 1969.

It’s quite a view inside, so its worth to pay the 3 euro entrance ticket.

Kamppi Chapel

Kampii Chapel Helsinki

Kamppi Chapel

After the visit, grab another bike and get to the Kamppi Chapel. Its located in Kamppi, on a corner of Narinkka Square.

It is also known as the “Chapel of Silence” since it is intended to be a place to calm down and have a moment of silence in one of the busiest areas in Helsinki. The entrance is free and it works until 8 PM.

After a zen time inside, grab a bike and go to the impressive highway for bikes in Helsinki!

The Baana was previously a railway line constructed in 1894, running between the central station and the West Harbor, that was later transformed into a bike and pedestrian lane.

Baana Highway Helsinki

Baana “highway”

Helsinki Channels

The channels of Helsinki

End your day drinking a beer by the riverside in Ruoholahden kanavakeskus, the channels of Helsinki!

And if money is not a problem, have fun in a HOT TUG (jacuzzi boat) around the channels! Plan it here before.


From here its easy to go back to the West ferry terminal or to the city center by bike or by subway if you are tired.

We hope you have enjoyed your afternoon in Helsinki!

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