Hamburg to Copenhagen by train

So again, packing our stuff and go to another city. Because we could not buy tickets for Germany and Denmark in France (only in Germany) we got late again on the bookings and we had to do 4 stops again…

So step by step:

  • Hamburg to Lubeck
  • Lubeck to Puttgarden
  • Puttgarden to Nykoebing
  • Finally Nykoebing to Copenhagen

The landscape is amazing in all of the trains, but our big surprise was from Puttgarden to Nykoebing. We saw that there was no bridge or tunnel, but we supposed that we had to go out and go on a boat and then catch another train on the other side… But no… THE TRAIN GETS INSIDE THE BOAT!!! And you cross by boat, yes, but with the train inside the boat!! Lol! We thought this was incredible and just imagine the size of the boat… So we crossed the Fehmarn Belt and then got out by train on the other side 🙂

Then just another train changing and we got straight to Copenhagen.

In total, we left Hamburg at 10H04 AM and arrived in Copenhagen at 16h49 PM, but the experience of passing trough a train-boat was priceless!

We will give you news of Copenhagen!!