Who are we?

Our names are Paula and Bruno, we are a Portuguese couple, both 31 years old, who loves adventure, travel and challenging ourselves.


Why did we decided to travel longterm?

We already travelled a lot in holidays (3 weeks travelling a year), but it just was not enough… We always dreamt to see the world at a slower  pace, enjoying a culture without rushing to come back to our every day life. We were both at a crossroad… It was now or never. So we just decided to go…


Leaving it all behind – breaking the news!

If it is not that complicated to decide to leave, it is much harder to leave a good life behind. It was our case: we loved our jobs, our family, our friends and telling them all – “bye bye, see you next year!” – was no easy task.

First we decided to tell our families… They were already missing us, but understood…

Second our friends… They all had some reservations, but in the end all wanted to come too, and were very supportive.

Third… OUR BOSSES… For Bruno who worked in an international company, used to this kind of travelling, it was easy and after some debate, he got an absence of leave for a year, For Paula, who worked in a state company, a leave was not an option, so she had to resign.

It was an emotionally a difficult process, but overall we are still glad we did it and we gathered support even where we were not expecting: a lot of people from work, even older people whom we did not expected any understanding of the situation were extremely supportive.


What is our plan?

To travel for a year, stretching our savings for as long as we can…

Starting point (which can always change…) – taking the biggest train ride in the world. For you who don’t know, it starts in Portugal and it ends in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam – 17.000 Km crossing Europe and Asia!!! We are of course doing several detours for countries we never visited.