As we went trough Copenhagen, everyone had a bike! From little children being carried on a wheeling cart by their parents, to women in fashionable dresses and men on suits, everyone cycled everywhere!

So the next day we decided: why not do like the locals? Especially because we were staying in an Airbnb 25 minutes from the city centre by bus (and the bus tickets are expensive… for one way costed 3,25 euros/each).

So we rented some bikes in Donkey Republic by suggestion of our host (see how it works here) for 80 Kr per day/each – roughly 10,7 euros (we had a discount since we rented them for 2 days). There are tons of places in the city center were you can rent bikes for the day, just ask around! There are also the city bikes that have a GPS included but are 30 kr per hour, so its much more expensive if you want a bike for the day, but if you just want to ride from one area of the city to another, they are feasible. We chose Donkey Republic because they had a pick up location that was closer to our Airbnb than the city center, so we saved a bus ticket.

Let me tell you somethings we have learned about cycling in Copenhagen while we were there:

  1. Everyone cycles, so there are a lot of traffic in the bike lanes, so always stay on the right, since a lot of people are in more of a hurry than you. The danish are really nice people, except when they are in a bike… If you have to stop, get out of the bike lane!
  2. If you have to turn, signal it with your arm. The left turns are the hardest, but most of them have specific bike lanes. If you have to cross the road, do it on the walkways, by foot (step out of the bicycle!).
  3. Enjoy the free roaming in Europe since 15 June 2017! If you have a european phone card, follow Google Maps using your data – they have itineraries specifically for bikes (its not possible with the downloaded map), so follow it so that you don’t end up in the wrong way lane.
  4. You have light signs specifically for bikes. Follow them! The cars aren’t expecting that the bikes don’t stop on a red sign…
  5. They also transport goods in transformed bikes and children in carts connected to the bikes that are wider, so be careful!

If you follow this rules, you will find the bikes an awesome means of transportation and certainly the quickest around the city!

In fact, you can cover much more and more comfortably on a bike than on foot, especially if you are staying in the more affordable neighborhoods around the city, so it’s worth the money. See our itinerary on bike trough Copenhagen!