Our wedding

We met just before one of Paula craziest solo travels in South America in 2013. We both fell in love with each other while skyping, messaging and online chatting with the Atlantic Sea in between us. From then, we moved together, got on amazing new travel adventures together and finally got married in 2017!

Instead of going the easy route we decided it was time to take the leap – leaving our jobs and pursuing our dreams of traveling the world together. It was now or never! Before the kids, before getting stuck in a mortgage, before the routine got too attached and we couldn’t let go…

And so, we are making our honeymoon last for as long as we can!

Come and be a part of this trip with us!



Medical Doctor

Hello! I am Paula, I am 31 years old and I lived and was raised in Lisbon. The love for travel came late, as I first stepped on a plane only at 19 years old. Since then, I travelled alone in Europe, Australia and South America. Then I met Bruno and started sharing my love of travel with the love of my life! Share the dream and travel with us.



Hello! I am Bruno, 31 years old and I lived and was raised in Lisbon. Traveling helps me in discovering myself and the world. With Paula, this desire to travel has been growing and it makes all sense to leave all behind to travel. Life is too short for waiting for the right time. So come with us and visit the world!

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Budget Travel

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